SEO – Why Marketing Inefficiency is Killing Your Business

SEO - marketing inefficiency

SEO – Why Marketing Inefficiency is Killing Your Business

Small businesses that are not marketing themselves in the most efficient ways possible are minimizing their bottom line. According to a recent study by Gleanster, a major research company, and Kapost the sponsor, 86 percent of B-2-B marketers are now using professional content marketing services. Content management covers reputation, writing, social media posts, and customer service responses, among other things.  But none of that matters if your clients can’t find your site, which is where SEO comes in.

Search engine optimization

Companies that do not have an expert in small business marketing should consider hiring a professional to manage their company online. Businesses need a person who has expertise in search engine optimization techniques, keyword strategies, ranking analytics, and local SEO research to build a strong presence on the Internet. Every business has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, if not all three.

Businesses that do not have someone who utilizes unique techniques to constantly update content on their company website cannot keep up with those that do. An expert has the software to analyze the patterns in keyword densities and how search engines respond to their use in web pages and on company sites. They vary their keyword use to get their clients on the top of the first page of search listings for major engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO usage increases traffic and profit margins for businesses.

Local SEO

Marketing a business to the local public requires a delicate touch with a ton of neighborhood knowledge. An expert in the community knows where streets are located in relation to a restaurant or Interstate. They know how to use geographical terms for particular landmarks in the content they create for a company. Using local SEO terms naturally takes much time and dedication. By hiring a professional to take care of the tedious work, a business gets to experience the benefits of a local expert while unloading the hard work of content management and reputation monitoring to someone who wants to deal with it.

Small business marketing

Marketing is one of the most important ways a business has to reach new customers. Utilizing a content expert is one of the smartest things that a small business can do for their bottom line. One of the biggest findings of the Kapost Study was the fact that 90 percent of the people felt that meeting deadlines and the same old content were the reasons that their marketing campaigns were inefficient. Those who heeded the results and streamlined their processes found a much more profitable marketing strategy that was suited to their individual needs.

Small business marketing takes a specialized touch to run in an efficient manner. The Kapost study showed that companies feel that they need a more structured marketing strategy. Several participants were surprised to find out that they were too busy with deadlines and parceling out work that they missed the fact that they were not even trying to stand out from the crowd. An expert content marketer uses creativity to give companies a competitive advantage in their local markets.  Find an SEO expert in your area to get assistance today.